Tropika Casinos Still Owe Players, OPA Says

Tropika International Limited, which develops and manages Internet casinos, still has not paid players who have been owed money since December, according to the Online Players Association (OPA).

Tropika is based in Toronto, Ontario. Its subsidiary, Online Commerce Inc., operates casinos called Fairplay, Jetset, Magic Carpet, Atlantis Star, Orient Express, Astrobet, Aztec Gold, Bulls ‘n Bears, Flying Dragon and Old Glory. Another site, Casino Iceberg, is apparently defunct.

All the casinos use software from Microgaming Systems, and all are licensed in the Caribbean island of Dominica.

As is often the case with Internet casinos, Tropika’s problems stem from overly generous bonuses that the casinos offered. Steve Adkins, president of the OPA, and John K. Ashbee, chief executive of Tropika, both told RGT Online that the casinos ran promotions in November that led to the problems of nonpayment.

Adkins said about 25 members of the OPA are owed a total of about $43,000. He said Ashbee told him that the total amount owed to players at the Tropika sites (OPA members and non-members combined) is $110,000, which is owed to 100 players. Adkins has detailed records only on the OPA members. He doesn’t know if Ashbees figures for the non-members are correct.

Two of the casinos, Jetset and Magic Carpet, had been on the OPA’s “approved list. Adkins said they were removed from the list in January.

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