When participating in single table tournaments it is really important to play pretty tight in the early stages. This also means that you have to dare to take your chances if you have good cards. Make sure to raise when needed and do everything you can to cause your opponent to fold.

The further you get in the tournament, the bigger the blinds. With more at stake, you need a more aggressive and effective style. You are now facing fewer opponents and even weak hands like a pair can win you lots of money. Pay attention to your opponents and take advantages of their mistakes. If you are running out of chips then you have to other option but to go all-in to double your stack. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Multi-table require tournaments require a lot of patience. Sometimes there are hundreds of participants and you need to careful when making decisions. Tackle your opponents with your monster cards. Let your stack grow in order to survive in the tournament for a long time while watching your opponents killing each other. Wait patiently for the monster cards that will surely come your way!

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