Focus on the Family Should Focus on Facts of Gambling Issues

For those of you who follow Focus on the Family via their ‘news’ website, as well as the Florida Family Action group associated with Focus on the Family, let this reporter give you the answer you will receive from Governor Crist or his aid when you call him as you were told to do by your religious organization.

You were told to call Governor Crist and express your anger at him because he is in negotiations with the Seminole Indians over bringing full gambling casinos to the state. You were told that Crist is flip-flopping on the issue and that you should be really mad. You are told a lot of things by Chad Hills at Focus on the Family, except you are never told the truth.


Here is what Governor Crist will say to you when you call him to express your outrage…

“I know I said I am against the expansion of gambling,” Crist will say, “and I am. But the Federal Interior Department told us that if we don’t come to a deal with the Seminoles that allows full table games at their casinos by a certain date, the Seminoles will be allowed to expand their casinos anyway and we won’t be able to use any of that money for our state.”

“You see,” Crist will say, “the voters already voted last year to allow Class III style games in Broward casinos, therefore, unfortunately, we are obligated to allow the Seminoles those same rights.”

There, that should save all you who were going to call Governor Crist in anger some time.


It is important to understand with this issue, as well as most issues related to gambling that means to ‘inform’ you about, that they are not telling you the full truth.

Take for instance Internet gambling. They will tell you that we must ban Internet gambling to protect underage and problem gamblers. This sounds reasonable, however, there is proof, real proof, not opinions based on ideas, but scientific, experimented, studied, conclusive proof that says it is better to legalize and regulate the industry in order that we can protect underage gamblers from gambling online and provide problem gamblers with the resources they need to keep them from gambling online. Without regulation underage and problem gamblers can easily go to an online casino and gamble and there is nothing we can do to help them.

So please, do not take much of anything that Chad Hills, or other reporters say at Focus on the Family, or, to heart, because they are only telling you part of the story.

PS – That thing about it being better to protect problem and underage gamblers by regulating the industry did not come from a pro-gambling group, it actually from the most anti-gambling group there is… The National Council in Problem Gambling.

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