Gambling Awareness Week Beginning For Fondation Mise Toi

Gambling is a problem for millions of people around the world, and in Canada there is a group that is putting their best efforts forward to try and combat the problem.

Fondation Mise Sur Toi will be holding their Responsible Gaming Awareness week from September 17th until September 23rd. The actual time dedicated to this cause will actually be much longer than just a week, 13 weeks to be exact. Two million dollars will be invested to help get the word out.

Nicole Beaulieu, managing director of Fondation Mise Sur Toi had this to say when asked about the week, “Responsible Gaming Awareness Week is an opportunity for the general public to learn more about their own gaming habits and about the initiatives the Fondation Mise Sur Toi and Loto-Quebec are taking to promote healthy gaming behavior.”

There are other things that the Fondation is doing to help raise awareness outside of the week; a web site will be launched, in addition, various pamphlets and educational material on the dangers of compulsive gambling will be handed out.

There are three major areas that the Fondation focuses on: 1) to protect those who are vulnerable to compulsive gambling 2) to prevent the harmful effects of gambling, and 3)to promote healthy gaming behavior.

The Fondation was created in 2002 and its message is reaching more and more individuals every year. In 2006 5,500 calls to its Help and Referral hot line were received, with more than that expected this year.

Naomi Campbell Puts Turtles in Danger With Casino Business Plan

When a big name celebrity goes into a new business adventure, it receives more scrutiny than when the average person goes into a new business, but supermodel Naomi Campbell is finding out that that’s not always a good thing.

There is a coastal sanctuary in Kenya for turtles, and Campbell and her associates are planning to bring a casino and hotel complex to the land, a move that would almost certainly affect the animals the sanctuary is protecting.

Years of work has gone into saving endangered marine life in the Indian Ocean town of Malindi. The olive ridley, the hawksbill, and the green turtle are all species that come ashore in Malindi and set up their nest to lay their eggs.

Problem that will arise is when these baby eggs are hatched, they navigate toward the brightest natural light. which most of the time is the moon, between the night sky and the ocean. If a casino with all its glitz goes up, the artificial lights and noise could sway the turtles away from the sea, where they could not survive.

Opponents argue that Campbells plan, along with partner and former boyfriend Flavio Briatore, is to build a six star 40 apartment casino, and that by doing so, it would breach local planning regulations.

The defense of the casino is that it would provide dozens of jobs to people who currently live on almost no income.

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