Florida Lottery Has Rare Occurrence With 1111 Hitting in Play 4

The odds are not strong that four of the same numbers will be drawn in the Play 4 game from the Florida lottery, but on Thursday that rare feat was achieved when 1111 came out.

So rare is the occurrence, in fact, that since the games inception seventeen years ago on July 4th, 1991, the same four numbers have been drawn only seven times.

The rarity of the same numbers coming out raises the registrieren winning prize money, but the lottery caps the amount of tickets that can be sold with the same numbers and that also, in turn, caps the money that can be won at $5 million. That amount was won on Thursday and also back in 2006, when the numbers 2222 were drawn.

The numbers 3333 and 0000 have both come out twice, and 9999 also has come up once. 7777, 8888, 6666, 5555, and 4444 have never been drawn.

When 0000 was drawn the payout was only $502,500, meaning that the numbers 1111 and 2222 are much more popular plays by people in Florida.

In the cash 3 game, the same numbers have been drawn 71 times since the start of the game back in April, 1988.

Indiana and Kentucky May Soon Battle for Casino Gambling Customers




States across the country are scrambling to grab their share of the riches and revenue casino gambling is generating, and now that Kentucky may be next, Indiana is pondering how to protect its own windfall.

Kentucky Governor-elect Steve Beshear campaigned vigorously and vociferously on the need for gaming and casinos in the Bluegrass State, and now that he?s in office, Indiana officials concede he will probably win a legislative fight to establish licensed casinos, some of which will fall near their common border.

Indiana knows it cannot prevent Kentucky from attempting to draw customers that presently visit riverboat sites located along the common border on the Indiana side. So, in a farsighted move designed to win any competition from future Kentucky establishments, Indiana gaming officials are renovating and expanding, providing newer, nicer, and bigger facilities for their customers.

High quality restaurants and golf courses are appearing around luxurious new casino buildings in the hope plush surroundings will still lure out-of-state players.

This year Indiana is expected to receive $650 million in state payments and $200 million in local taxes from gambling and casinos.

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